Tell Me Your Personality and I’ll Tell You What’s Missing From Your Blog

Sep 13

By Guest Blogger Kirsten Simmons

It sounds audacious, doesn’t it? I know nothing about you, nothing about what you’re writing about, yet I’m claiming to know what’s missing from your blog? Ridiculous as it sounds, the odds are in my favor. Because as much as we want to be unique and charge fearlessly into the great blogging unknown, we’re essentially predictable at heart. Especially when it comes to our personality types.

Now, you may not have heard of the type system I use. And that’s OK, because it’s based on newer research than the Meyers-Briggs or the Enneagram. Using this typing system, I can not only tell you what your blog may be missing, but I can tell you the easiest way to fix it. Interested? Read on and decide which type sounds most like you.


If you’re a Fantastical, you have the awesome ability to get caught up in a problem for hours on end and not look up until you’ve solved it. The only problem is that a lot may have happened during those hours–like that important meeting with your boss, a date with your significant other, or the start of the Perpetual E-motion house concert. Whoops!

When it comes to your blog, everything you write about is probably fascinating–when you manage to get in an update. Most Fantasticals have a tendency to ignore problems once they’ve been solved. But your readers don’t know your solutions yet, so take some time each week to enlighten them. There’s no need to sit down and type it all out–in fact, you’ll probably be more effective if you pace around your computer with a wireless headset and a speech recognition program. You can knock out several posts in one swing and schedule them to post automatically so the world can keep up with the exciting work you’re doing.


If you’re an Analytical, you have a sixth sense for seeing the big picture and how the tiniest details fit into it. You’re extremely motivated and goal oriented, to the point that you can neglect your friends and family when you’re getting close to the finish line.

Unless I miss my guess, you started your blog as part of your overall strategy to get where you want to be in life. You know which stats are important, who you’re trying to reach, and what you’ll be posting over the next few weeks. So what’s missing from your blog? Real life experiences. The best way for you to spend two hours on your blog is to turn off your computer and get away. Spend some time with your family. Go out with friends. Get some first-hand knowledge to back up the posts you write. You’ll come back refreshed and with some new insights that will impress the people you’re targeting with your blog.


If you’re an Environmental, your focus is on the people around you and their needs. You’re a remarkable individual, and you probably started your blog as a way to keep in touch with friends and family that are further away. Or you started it to share your expertise, and you thrive on the grateful comments you get on a regular basis.

That said, I’ll bet there are a few basic blog housekeeping things that you’ve neglected. Not your design or layout–your enjoyment of rich color and comfortable environments has probably ensured that you’re in perfect shape in that department. But what about easy to find feed subscription? An an e-mail opt-in box? An advertisement for your latest product? (Have you even considered creating a product?) These are all things that you may have forgotten in your rush to help others.

Spend some time to look into these basic but important pieces of your blog and make sure you have everything in place.


If you’re a Structural, you take to routines and systems like a cat takes to a warm patch of sunlight. People around you depend on your ability to keep track of details and work out schedules to everyone’s liking, and you’re most comfortable when working within the structures of your routines.

Chances are that you’ve had a posting schedule for your blog since day one, and your editorial calendar is filled out a month or more in advance. You probably even have a few weeks posts written and scheduled to appear each day without your direct input. The best thing you can do for your blog is to take an hour or two to surf through your niche. As you do, ask yourself whether your blog fits in. Are your posts relevant, even though they were written in advance? Can you link to others in your work? What questions are readers asking? Your systems can sometimes isolate you from the people you’re trying to reach. Scheduling time to explore on a regular basis will help you make sure that you’re still reachable and relevant.
What type do you think you are? Do you fall into the typical pitfalls of your type, or does your blog have other problems? Leave a comment and tell us!

About the author

Kirsten Simmons is the co-founder of Personalized Productivity, and has been described multiple times as “freakishly productive.”  She swears it’s not a genetic mutation, and hundred of people who have taken the Personalized Productivity quiz agree.  Interested in learning more about your personality type?  Come to Personalized Productivity and take our quick quiz.  You’ll learn your type and get customized tips to supercharge your organization, time management and productivity.

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  1. I think I am part analytical, part environmental. I really don't know, but I do feel like SOMETHING is missing from my blog. Help. me.

  2. Kirsten /

    Hi Johi,
    It is possible to have a strong secondary type – if you take the quiz, your result will be your primary, and whichever type you feel is also a match will be your secondary.
    Does that help?

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